7 of the best at home breakfasts

7 of the best at home breakfasts

Sunday mornings are somewhat sacred to me. If it was up to me we'd spend our days out, pub lunches and afternoons watching films but A's job has other plans. Pretty much every Sunday he works, leaving the house around 12-1ish and not returning until late at night. It's pretty sucky tbh which is why we try and make the most of the mornings with each other. Sunday mornings are a filled with a little bit of lie in (not too much, you can't waste it), music on and breakfast/brunch together. I've mentioned before we're big brunch people and so I've put together our favourites.



What Sunday morning routine isn't made better by pancakes? None, that's right. Big, American style pancakes topped with syrup and strawberries. Oh mama, I wish I could have them every day. 

:: FRY UP ::

The classic and staple for many. We don't actually have a fry up that often but when we do you have to go all out. My guilty pleasure is hash browns with mine; so much potatoey goodness no one should refuse hash browns. For me a classic fry up is, egg, sausage, bacon, hash browns and grilled tomato (add some colour to the beigeness!), a huge mug of tea. I've seen some radicals add halloumi and greens recently so maybe it's time to mix it up a bit. 


One of the best things that we've been bought is a waffle maker. I love it! Waffles, like pancakes, are so easy to make. I can make the mixture the day before and popped it in to the fridge so there is limited prep the following morning as I'm pottering around in my PJs. My favourite is waffles, piled high with fresh fruit and a fairly huge drizzle of honey.


I often have a variation of this as a quick dinner but it makes a great brunch dish that keeps you full for most of the day. Chop and boil your new potatoes, then dry them before frying and crisping them up. For breakfast I usually had broken up bits of sausage meat, diced bacon or pancetta and wilted spinach, topped with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and a fried egg.


A classic and one that always taste so good. If we're feeling fancy we try and get duck eggs and have them instead. I'm still perfecting the dippy eggs situation and I think I'm slowly getting there. Eggs are just so hard, one second they are raw, next millisecond they are perfect for dipping your soldiers in.


Now when I say fruit compote I really mean I've taken a handful of frozen berries out of the freezer the night before so they are defrosted meaning you're left with juice and berries. I know- where's my Michelin star?! If I have time I'll make the granola but let's face it more often than not it is store bought (I'm trying to get better with not store bought, or better quality and not so laden with sugar if it is). I layer it up, yoghurt, fruit and topped with crunchy granola. A more healthy and lighter options.



This has been a Sunday breakfast staple in my family for years. I remember my mum used to make it for my friends after our sleepovers. Their reaction was 'ugh, that's so random, it won't work', but we proved them wrong. And why wouldn't it work?! Buttery, warm, flaky pastry filled with smoky bacon. For me its the perfect balance of sweet and savoury and one of the most comforting breakfasts for me.

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