Visit:: Albufeira, Portugal

Visit:: Albufeira, Portugal


Oh Portugal you really were an absolute babe. The sun, the heat, the people, it was all an absolute dreamboat of a weekend. A perfect way to see out the end of summer.

Although a work trip there was still enough downtime for play and exploring. Our hotel was absolutely beautiful; access to a private beach made for the most incredible views. Cocktail hour was most gratefully received, just basking in the sun and spending time chatting about all sorts and everything.




Besides many hours spent by the pool; delving into a book I've been looking toward to reading for a long time; the highlight was on our final day. On our final full day we took a boat trip out to explore the coast. It was beautiful and the best bit; the dolphins!

Yes that's right dolphins, about 50 of them. They said there was a high chance of spotting them but you always go into things like this without high expectations y'know, just in case. But this, it was truly amazing. I took a couple quick snaps but to be totally honest I just put all technology down and was just got lost in the moment. It was truly amazing; you could hear them communicating to each other and I could see them do flips and twists in the air and in the water. It was pretty breathtaking and magical. They may even go higher up the ranking of my favourite animals.



Other highlights of the trip included the very fast boat ride out to the dolphins and the view of the coastline as we came back to the shore. 

It was just such a relaxing trip, the heat was just perfect; not too hot to be a sweaty humid mess but way way warmer than England ever is, especially Devon!




So thank you Portugal, your people were friendly, your sea was freezing cold, your cocktails were strong, your sun was toasty and your a country I want to explore more. Now for winter and the big knits, the darker nights and more puppy cuddles on the sofa.

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