Visit:: Dumbo, Brooklyn

Visit:: Dumbo, Brooklyn

So here it is, the first of many New York posts. I didn't really know how to break them all down - one big post, day by day - so I decided to do some by location.

A big must-visit on our list was Brooklyn. And even then we only just covered the very tip. We got up not so bright and early - for a city that never sleeps, New York starts late. But once up we decided to catch the subway to Dumbo.

It was a freezing cold day but with glorious blue skies, something neither of us minded after our previous day in the city was met with an evening of torrential rain.


After walking along the pier and soaking up the Manhattan skyline from afar it was time to warm up. We decided to head to Jacques Torres as we had heard good things about the cookies. Order the chocolate chip cookies because, a) the 'chips' are more like rocks and, b) they warm them up so these rocks start to melt and they are just the gooiest things.


First pit stop of the day over with, we headed back out. It felt so relaxing taking a step back out of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, to look up and not just see skyscrapers. Until you step out of it I think you can forget how consuming it really can be.

After braving the cold for as long as we could, we headed to Juliana's for lunch. And thank god we headed there when we did, if we'd have been 10 minutes later we would have been queuing out the door for a very long time! Every time I researched pizza in NY Juliana's always came up. Apparently there is big competition with their next door neighbours, but from the queues I'd say Juliana's has nothing to worry about.


After a lot of food in a relatively short space of time it felt right that we work some of it off. For us this meant stretching our legs and walking back into the city over the Brooklyn Bridge. There's something very special about this bridge; it's become such an iconic part of Manhattan and the views from it are amazing. From New Jersey to spotting the Statue of Liberty, to watching the skyline and City Hall come closer and closer into view. It's one of my favourites every time. 


Visiting Dumbo definitely made us want to see more of Brooklyn as we know it has so much more to offer. It would be nice to explore more, find a good rooftop view of the city and take the slightly more calm approach to seeing the city.

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