Christmastime in NYC

Christmastime in NYC

There's something so magical about cities at Christmastime. And I pictured New York to be one of the most magical of them all.

Now, I have to admit, I did feel that in some places of the city it was lacking somewhat and I thought it would be a bit more... CHRISTMAS, the snippets in the areas that did go to town though, well they certainly made up for it.

Our very first morning there, as we were heading for breakfast, we happened to stumbled across THE tree. Even in broad daylight it was magnificent and I may have a had a little teary moment. My main goal- along with every other holidaymaker- was to see it all lit up at night. And we did, a few times. And each time was as beautiful as the last. The fairly impressive figure skaters, the not so impressive skaters, all the lights, it was just a bucket list moment!


Besides my one Christmas movie moment that was the Rockefeller Centre, the rest of the time was soaking up the Christmas window displays (Saks- won hands down with their Snow White window), drained fountains where trees replaced the water, giant red baubles and people selling Christmas trees in the street. This was the New York I wanted to see. Seeing all the Christmas trees lined u in a row in The Village and other such favourites made me so excited. It made us both want to buy a real tree next year. The joy of going to pick up out and taking it home, realising its too big and really wonky etc.


Apart from the everyday Christmassy moments in the city, there were some out and out brilliant Christmas sights that everyone should soak up and see if they get the chance. I loved it on our final day and going to the American Museum of Natural History. The museum itself is high on my list and I was suitably impressed. I'll even go as far as to say it's a bit better than ours! Anyway, as you enter they have 2 dinosaurs facing each other made entirely out of fir trees. And inside they have the gorgeous origami tree; it's just stunning and so so clever. All the animals in the museum are featured on the tree.


And an absolute huge must-do if you are in NY at Christmas time? Go and see The Rockettes. Honestly, it will be the perfect way to start or end your trip. We went and did this on our first full day and we loved it. Radio City is just such an iconic place and being inside there made me think of what it would have been like in the pass. No lie- the loos may have been the fanciest, old, art deco loos ever. With a whole separate dressing room area before you even got to the toilets! Anyway, enough loo talk- I didn't fly thousands of miles to talk loos. The show was amazing, and those Rockettes work so hard- 3 shows a day, every day! But go- it's cheesy, insanely fun and so so festive. I can see why it was full and people go back year after year to see it.

Visit:: Central Park

Visit:: Central Park

Visit:: Dumbo, Brooklyn

Visit:: Dumbo, Brooklyn