Visit:: Central Park

Visit:: Central Park


According to Wikipedia Central Park is only 2.5 miles long and although we definitely walked 2.5 miles in the park we didn't make it from the top to the bottom. However, we did get to explore a fair bit of it.


My goal for NY this time around was to see more areas. And although I've seen to Central Park on each trip this was the most time I'd spent in it. I love this space in spring as it is the perfect place to sit and people watch. In winter though, its a bit more desolate. The fountains and ponds are dredged of water leaving parts of the park feeling very empty.

As soon as we hit the park we basically walked until we had enough (and we needed a walk after a giant brunch!). We no real plan we managed to see a lot of iconic and well known areas of the park without even meaning to. If you have the time and nowhere to really be then I can't recommend exploring this place enough.






It's amazing how far this obelisk has travelled and the story behind it. Its weather beaten sides and faded hierogylphics show its age. Its a pretty impressive piece of history erected there.


I love how there is a castle right in the middle of the park. Surrounding it is Turtle Pond- a great area to sit and see if you can spot them in the water before heading up to the castle to get better views of the park.


::ALICE ::

I love this statue and I see it every time I visited New York. It never gets old to me. My favourite thing this time? The lack of people! Usually its surrounded with millions of people like me-holiday makers and children. This time it was practically empty which meant I could admire all the little details more and get better pictures of her.



Last time I went to NY with my mum we actually ventured into Central Park Zoo for a few hours and its was a pretty fun way to spend the time. This time we didn't do that but we walk past it and we could spot the seals as we went past. They are complete time wasters and so full of character that I just love them.

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