15 things I've loved about 2017

15 things I've loved about 2017

Every year people say, 'well I'm glad that one's done' well for me I actually pretty liked 2017. Sure there were lows, that's life and human nature but I look back on this year with reasonably fond memories. It's a year that I learned more about myself and who I am as a person. One that can still go next year and fully intends to, however, I also know who my friends are, where I stand with my opinions and feelings and what I want to achieve going forward. Life has been filled with more travel than A and I have ever have been able to before. There's been trips to London, Cardiff and further afield. Next year I want to explore the UK more and get as much out of the year as possible. But for now, a few things I have loved about 2017...


La La Land// Can a movie really be included in what you loved about a year? It may not be one of the bigger things of the this year but I still absolutely adored this film. When I say it the first time, minutes into the opening number I thought 'Oh god, what is this' but after that I was hooked. Second time in the cinema, I blubbed and well, the love continued. We even had a couple of the songs played at our wedding.

Venice// A has had Venice on his travel bucket list for years and so it was great to be able to tick it off. We had a the best weather for it; we had dinner and drinks by the water, there wasn't loads of people and we got to explore the other islands.

Seeing our friends get married// Who doesn't love a good wedding? This one was the one before ours and it was beautiful. I love being a wedding guest; I was on the dance floor until we had to leave. More weddings in 2018 please.

Gigs// A and I have tried to see more live this music this year. It's not always so easy with A working nights but we've made the best of it. Placebo was going to be one of the highlights of the year but they firstly postponed and then cancelled the gig. Perhaps next year I'll be lucky enough to finally see them. Besides missing out on them we managed to see a mixed bag of music this year including, Craig David, Maximo Park and Foals.

Hen Party// A weekend in London with my all my favourite people; you can't go wrong. My friends did me proud and I loved the weekend so much. If only I could go back and sneak in one more margarita.

Our wedding// I mean I can't really have a favourites list without noting down our own wedding can I?! Having our friends and family down for the weekend, how the venue looked, the laid back nature of it, it's all that we wanted. And the photos that Jo took, well they just summed it all up completely.


Baking// I picked up a hobby I had laid to rest for a long time. I used to bake all the time in London but I became over saturated. People only got me baking presents and spoke about baking to me that I felt obliged to like baking all the time. But since the latter part of this year I've picked it up again and really been enjoying it.

National Trust// Hello, I'm Kelsey, 26 and probably too young to own a National Trust membership. But you know what I've really loved it. Granted, we have to use it a little more than we have so far but we have been able to visit a few more places that have been on our doorstep for years.

Tattoo// After years with this one design in mind I only got bloody brave enough to book it. It hurt like hell to have done but I absolutely love it and those 5 hours were worth it.

Portugal// A little end of summer trip in the sun was delicious and totally needed. Brilliant sea views from the hotel, cocktails and good company.


Cardiff// Cardiff is definitely somewhere I want to explore more of in the future. Whenever I go I realise why it was one of my choices when I was applying for uni. The city's shopping looks great and I'm going to drop some hints to A in 2018 for another trip there.

Baby shower// One of my best friend's had her twins just before Christmas, and oh my goodness I just love it when she posts pictures of them. I haven't met them yet (Jan 2018's main goal) but I just love those cuties so much already. So in October when I was invited to her baby shower it was always going to be a yes. It was so nice to meet all her other friends and just celebrate something so grown up. We've known each other 8 years and we've done so much growing up in those times, it's so lovely to go through big milestones in life with your besties by your side.

NYC// I can't do a round up of the year without our last big trip of 2017 making the list. It was mine and A's first long haul holiday and it was perfect. Late Nov-early Dec is always a favourite of ours to go away and to do it in festive NY, well you can't compare.

Pink hair// For the earlier part of this year and our wedding I had pink hair. It was one of my favourite colours I've ever been. I think I'd have kept it for a lot longer if it wasn't as high maintenance. 

Edie// Although we got her in 2016, it was early December so really she's done all her growing and we've learnt to be proper dog owners this past year. And honestly I don't know what our home would be like without her. She has such character and A and I both feel like she's been the best addition. She's currently snuggled by my feet and I'm just so glad she's here with us.

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