January Favourites

January Favourites

As far as January's go it wasn't a bad one. A received some disappointing news but we're ignoring it and adding it to the end of a bad 2016.

January was all about planning and getting things in the diary. I realised that I need to crack on with the wedding planning; start confirming, paying and posting things. It's going to be here before we know it and we have to be somewhat prepared for it.

It was a new month and a new year and January really has meant a new start this time around. Time to try and not get so irritated about the little things, to relax and to do more. To stop waiting- there's always an excuse not to do something but I'm changing that and actually getting up and going to do! And now for some favourites for January:



I had some really lovely Sundays in January. Dog walks, afternoons in the pub, and plenty of Sunday lunches. Everything that a Sunday should be. Every Sunday should be busy but relaxed. I love spending it close to home and nearly always with evenings in pjs. According to A, I do Sundays well and I'm alright with that.

:: LISTS ::

More specifically the 2017 list! A's job offer fell through last minute (why do companies do that?!) but instead of sitting around and feeling sorry we've taken a different route. A why wait route? Why were we waiting for his new job to start to go and do things. Sure, his evenings would have been free but it's not like he never gets time off. 

So we've sat down and made a list of everything we want to do this year; from the small to the big. It might be framing that one picture we still haven't done, to moving house; it's all on the list and I'm excited to see how many we tick off.



I know this has been on a list before but A got me a new colouring book for Christmas and I went off and got myself some fine felt tip pens. I've loved sitting there in the evenings with a cup of tea, Grey's Anatomy on in the background, the dog asleep beside me and colouring in. It's so therapeutic and really helps my brain switch off at the end of each day.

:: LA LA LAND ::

No one should miss out on this movie. I've watched it twice (so far) at the cinema and it gets better each time. I won't write too much in case you haven't seen it. For me, I'm in full love affair mode with every aspect of this film. I grin, I cry and every time it ends I want to give a standing ovation and immediately watch it again.


On the list, we've put down some holiday ideas and we booked our first one around my birthday. At the beginning of March we are going to Venice. I cannot wait; Italy has been on our list for ages and I know Venice in particular for A has been a bucket list destination. How wise it is to go to Italy for 4 days before our wedding I'm not sure. The dress might have to be very loose fitting to hide the amount of pasta I intend to eat while there!

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday