Wedding Wednesday

How is it February? The 2nd month of the year; it means we only have 4 months until the big day. And dear Lord there is so much to organise!

I'm going to tell you guys something but you have to promise me that you won't panic and you'll share the 'it'll happen when it happens' mentality I'm going with - I still don't have a dress.

I know the style that I want but I have yet to find it. Dates are in the diary for dress shopping so wish me luck. How close to the actual day did you find your dress? And the dress is just the start. There is so much and I have lists coming out of my ears. Flowers, cake, decorations.

And then the planning of the day. How do you get the timings right? Just how? Thank God we're going for a laid back feel because wedding planning could make you go insane! Did anyone get to the place where they wished they could just slip away and go do it in secret? I joke, of course, but I won't lie when I say I have some not so secret envy for people who do choose to do that,

I've got 4 months left and about 4000 things to do. I'm pretty sure gin is going to help me through my final months of being a Miss but any additional help is most welcome!