A New Unit

Hello! I'm back. And so much has happened since I last posted and a lot has also stayed the same.

The newest part of life is that I'm married. A and I said the big 'I Do' at the beginning of June. It was the BEST day, full of laughter, best friends and family. 

Newly married couples seem to get greeted with 'when will you have kids?' in the same breath as asking how the big day went? I'm not sure how you're even suppose to respond to questions like that. You splutter and pretend laugh your way through an answer when really you want to scream, 'It's none of your business!' 

Besides that, infuriating, question the other main one is, 'so anything changed?' and again, you shrug and go along with the same little titter and then, in unison with the person who asked you say, 'no'. But really inside I know I'm not telling the truth, because actually it does feel different than before.

I read an interesting article from The Manrepeller's Leandra Medine about elevation status and marriage (which I, of course, can't find the link for anymore), but I felt myself nodding along to the article before I got married and a lot more again since.

In short it explained how the status of your parents change; before you were likely to ask your dad to help with advice on car insurance, you'd tell your mum the exciting news first. It stated after you get married this changes, you're parents move to a background role. Now I realise this sounds like I never speak to A but trust me that wasn't the case. We've been together for 8 years- that would be a hella long time with no speaking. But what I mean to say is, he was always the first to be told but he'd often be told the news alongside the rest of the family.


Since I read this article I really thought about what was said and how actually our lives were changing and therefore it clicked and change a gear when we got married and the article really shed light and a new way of thinking on it all I suppose.

When most argue it's just a bit of paperwork I disagree. For me, it's become a whole new way of thinking. It's made me feel more confident in myself, how I look, how I feel, having the courage to do things I wouldn't have done before. And with this rise in confidence it has also made me feel more content with myself and my life as a whole. I seemed to have mellowed more, which I'm sure A is loving the most! Leandra's right, you become more of your own family. You know your family is there but you've just made the biggest step you can; the step to your own family. Your outlook changes, a new prospectus is given. It suddenly feels a bit more whole.