Last of the Summer Holidays

September always feels more like the new year to me. It may have been a while since I left education (I graduated 5 years ago, what is that?!) but there is something about September that sticks with me as a time for new beginnings.

I love this time of year, watching the seasons change, pulling out the knitwear, unapologeticaly opening a bottle of red while I tuck into the box sets and movies you put away during the summer months.

But before all that, I have a summer holiday. I don't really do beach trips/holidays unless it's with work and this years no exception- sorry A!

Last year was Alicante, this year Albrufeira. I intend to read, sip cocktails, explore the area, and top up the tan before the crisp Autumn weather makes that impossible. And because I don't do beach holidays it means I have to add to my wardrobe with a few last minute additions for sunnier climes.