Current Favourites II


It's been a busy couple of months, we've been seeing out the end of summer and have started to make plans for the rest of the year. There's only 3 months left and we want to cram a lot in and also save our pennies. I know, I'm not sure how I'm going to balance that either- but here's to trying.

MUTHAHOOD// I feel like Gemma and I would connect on so many levels. She has me in absolute stitches on her Instagram stories and I don't ever feel I have to mention her shop because it is blinking brilliant. Everyone should own at least one if not all things from it. I also love that she is also representing the tall girls club.

HOLIDAYS// I'm not wishing the year away I'm really not but since coming back from Portugal my eyes are firmly set on our trip to NY in December. I think I may cry; all that Christmas in that city!


AUTUMN// Yes, it's everyone's favourite thing now that the season has properly changed. I love coming home, bundling up and taking the dog out. The cool air is so refreshing and makes coming back in from the cold comforting. Having evenings in at home can be so nice sometimes, dog at my feet, under a blanket, face mask on, re watching my favourite box sets- I'm looking at you Grey's Anatomy.

SETTING SOME GOALS// There is something that I'm saving up for, it's probably only a trivial thing, well trivial to some but still it's a goal to me. I'm also setting goals for at home and life in general. It's nice to have something more concrete in place.

TATTOO// After so long of thinking about it I finally bit the bullet and went and got my tattoo. It's my third one but also the biggest one I've ever had done. I'm so in love it, it's a gorgeous mandala style tattoo. I have one final sitting left just to finish off a few bits and I can't wait.

Visit:: Albufeira, Portugal

Visit:: Albufeira, Portugal

Thoughts on Loneliness

Thoughts on Loneliness