A letter: to 16 year old me

A letter: to 16 year old me

How was 2007 10 years ago? I had recieved my GCSEs, was about to start a new school for sixth form, had a miniscule but totally mine income from a part time job, no real responsibilities and life was about how much I loved Seth Cohen and how I could buy a wardrobe that emulated, LC, the Olsens and Nicole Richie. Ah the good old times, the times where you look back and never knew how easy we had it, you know 16 year old me would have thought I had it so time. Oh babes, no...just no.


:: A LETTER ::

Yes, I'm writing from the future. No, technology hasn't advanced that much but I will give you the low down:

- Myspace is a whole lot different and although it still exists it's never used any more.

- Instagram is your main social media love, it's all about pictures and editing. Oh and you access it all from your phone. You don't have to panic every time you accidentally connect to the internet. In fact phones are now pretty pointless if you can't access the internet!

- Craig David makes a stellar come back which you adore and think is most deserved.

- The England's men's football team is still terrible and boring on the international scene but the women are smashing it.

- We still haven't won Eurovision are likely to never even be allowed to enter again after the shambles that is Brexit but I won't go into that too much. I'll leave the shock of it to 10 years time when you wake up and here the news. 

- Oh and another thing, Donald Trump becomes president of the USA. That's right Trump, y'know the orange guy from Home Alone 2. Yep! No one else knows how it happened either.


So let's start with your interests; the music you loved at 16, you still love and know all the words. Some of the bands that came on the scene are still going strong, and you're not mad that everyone else knows about them. You may cringe that some of the songs and bands you love are now on throwback playlists. Panic at the Disco dropped their exclamation mark and didn't stay as popular as they once were.


You will not be covered in tattoos as you thought you'd be and they wouldn't be where you thought they'd be. You have 3, perhaps you'll have more. You end up thinking about the pain factor, but don't.

You made it to London. You knew you would. But the fancy house in the city, not so much. You lasted 7 years and at times it was really hard. You will miss it when you leave and hate how you left all your friends behind but you've found a new happiness back in Devon- the place that you use to find so restricting. But the man you met at 16, the one you became best friends with? Well you married him this year. You were best friends, everyone spent nearly 2 years asking 'will they won't they' but we did and we said 'I Do'.

The friends at the wedding are the friends who know you'll have for life. Some of the have been a decade of friendship, some are recent. You've learnt who makes great friends and you keep them close to you.

You will still favour a cosy corner of a pub over clubbing. You will forever love dancing though.

You will nowhere near be as thin as you were at 16 and that's okay. You've realised it's about being healthy. You're trying desperately to stick to beauty regimes, to moisturise and drink lots of water. You're probably about 60% there, but it's a working progress.

You'll have made some 'unique' outfit choices. Some you'll back on with fond memories, others you'll wonder what you're thinking. You're beginning to find a groove for what you want, what you like and you're forever wanting to fill your wardrobe. It's a better style and you'll be thanking us later that we went down the various fashion paths.

Most of all you've done stuff. Maybe and mostly not at all how you planned and with some hard times thrown in for good measure. But, you've always come out of it, learnt something and great people have passed through and stuck along the way. You will look back and miss being 17-18 but actually you wouldn't change it for the world. And, even though you're nearer 30 (gulp!) than 16, you're secretly pleased with this and the direction life is taking. Being 26 has felt like the best year yet, trust me, you'll like it when you get here.

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