Another year gone... I'm deemed more grown up and further from my teenage years than ever before, and guess what; I'm doing alright about it. This is no mean feat-I've had friends buy me an 18 card so I didn't have to face my real age- but as someone put it at work the other day '24, perfect, you aren't even half way yet!'

Life has become easier. Alex and I seem to get thrown stuff at all angles, this usualy results in a lot of stressing from me but I've mellowed it out (go me! Although I'm sure Alex may not always agree). I'm more content to take a step back and go all cliché and say 'this too shall pass'.

We have so many plans and I'm so eager for them to start taking shape, 24 seems like the right time for it to start coming together and if not, I still have good friends who know what kind of wine I like to commiserate and celebrate with!

In the kitchen:: leek, potato and cheese pasties

Simple Life.